A speech protecting the animals are scarce morning and wishes.Honourable,our english lecture miss dini and my proudly friends.the first time,let us grateful to god who has given us mercy and blessing.
     On this occasion,i will give you a speech about protecting the animals are scarce.At this time,a lot of animals that we can't see again.its all because of human doings who dont comply with the law or laws contained in the life of community.The action was carried   out in order to achieve maximum profit to reduce the burden of the cost of living borne.   
     Ladies and gentleman,imagine if in a moment the tiger,rhino,and others rare animals were not found anymore.Then pity our children and grandchildren who cant see it again. therefore,let us protecting the animals with dont hunt animals carelessly,protecting rare animals and cultivate rare animals.
    Therefore,let us open the eyes of our hearts to inculcate the attitude of love the nature around.
     If a lot my speech less pleased,…

My future business

Hello friends,welcome back to my blog.On this occasion,i will tell you about my future business.Do you want to know my future business? Okay,my future business is build the clinic of traditional medicine.
Traditional medicine is medicine that processed from natural materials.These medicine are obtained selecting the types of drugs superior quality in order processing more efficient.
My goal to build the clinic of traditional medicine this is to help the community in terms of herbal and provide education about the benefits of herbal medicine to the community so that people do not rely on synthetic drugs.
In addition,in running the program this clinic.The community is very expected to work together so that it can be achieved in increasing the economic value.
The processing of traditional medicine in the clinic are hieginis and efficient with no mix of chemical additives which cause side effects.
I hope what i say be beneficial and can be realized.Thank you for all attention and thank yo…

This is my dialog with friend about the robot

how to make a tea


Water is important thing for life because water is have important role in life for all living creature. What do you think if  you life without water?
    Of course, there is can be different than before. Like garden without flower , just kidding :D . For example if we are thirsty that with what we can fulfill it and many more problem. Then how the plants can live without water and if plants is die we cannot get the benefit from plants. Then , if animals live without water the animal will thirsty and die slowly.
    Therefore, look from the effect that apear from live without water let's we save and use the water wisely so that continuity of water can be safe.

My skills

Hello,my name is ugo sunarjo.and now,i study at university of tanjungpura pontianak.I have some many skills and that is futsal and catur.I just like humors with my friends.

Robots at home

1.How many electronics devices have you used in the past 24 hours? list them.
2.What activities do robots do today? What other things would you like them to do?
3.Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves?What?Why?answer :
1.I used at least 9 devices
-Washing machine
-Rice cooker
- Fan
2.Robots nowadays helping in the daily activity.It would be great if robots would protect me from dangerous situation or teleportation to other place.
3.I think we should washing clothes for ourselves because its no a very heavy task.